WW2 Lego battle

My back and middle are getting ready for battle because the front is being attacked.It is under heavy fire a tank and troops are storming in. The back is the Mountain.IMG_1658IMG_1659

The middle is were the supplies and troops are. The front is were  the sniper is  and enemy troops are.

WW2 Lego battle

4 thoughts on “WW2 Lego battle

  1. Susan Chase says:

    So Robert, I have a question just for you. If your teacher asked you to write for a homework assignment, would you enjoy this opportunity to blog instead of a traditional paper assignment? If you shared with other kids, do you think they would want to blog too? I am a 2nd grade teacher and would love your advice! Please respond 🙂


  2. Grumpy Old Troll says:

    Your battle tactics are spot on! The use of the hills in each side to force the enemy into a choke point where you can easily defend your position and pick off your opponent is masterful. Good job!

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